Automated Reminder Emails For Your Upcoming Meetings

Wouldn't it be great if you had an automated system that reminded you of all your upcoming meetings? Appointo has this feature.

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

Communication and coordination gaps are the most prominent roadblocks in the growth journey of any business. Even though messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have garnered immense popularity, email is still the most preferred means to communicate for 74% of all online adults. Consequently, the most opted means of fixing and reminding around scheduled meetings is usually a formal email.

However, we all need to agree on this,  a lot of time is wasted on setting up and sending manual reminders for meetings. Also, manual reminders are often error-prone and can create overlaps and confusion. A major chunk of these problems can be solved by applications that ease the redundant effort and trigger automated reminder emails based on prefixed templates and conditions.

But, why do you need an automated reminder email? Will it minimize the errors? Will it be reliable? - These are the basic doubts that might be hitting you.

We will answer that today -

Why should you use Automated reminder emails for meetings?

Saves Time

Time management is the biggest hassle. And, when it comes to booking an appointment, you need to keep a sync between booked dates, cancellations, and requests for a date change.  Also, scheduling a meeting requires sending reminders so that no shows are reduced to a minimal level.

Working with online appointment scheduling applications like Appointo, all you need to do is customize the features like a template, timing, etc, and your job is done. It automatically sends a reminder just at the prefixed hour before the meeting. So without manual intervention, you can be sure of starting and ending the meeting on time. This saves a lot of time and also does the job without any error.

Facilitates Preparations for the meeting

Reminders are quite essential when you and your client have a lot of tasks to handle every day. Periodical reminders help to make arrangements for the meeting and also help to keep the documents ready that you would need during the meeting for discussing any important project.

With automated reminder emails, you can inform the clients/customers about the agenda of the meeting. Thus, both parties stay alert and know exactly what they are about to discuss. It also gives you time to ensure the working state of the accessories to be used during the meeting.

Helps in the execution of a more effective meeting

Last-minute cancellations, no shows, delayed meetings are the major drawbacks of a manual planned meeting.  Automated reminders and meeting emails urge the receiver to send a response - whether they would be able to participate or not. This helps to ensure that your time is not deliberately wasted.

These emails also make the customers/clients feel the relevance of the meetings which directly helps to establish a good working relationship. Automated applications, like Appointo, also support group appointments, calendar integrations, team member features and feedback facilities enhance the worth and effectiveness of the meeting.

Enhances the revenues

The less time you spend on calling and reminding the clients about the meeting, the more time you get to spend working out strategies for your business’s prosperity. Using applications for automated reminder emails enhances profit and strengthens the customer-client relationship. You can work out new plans to implement new products and new profit sources.

Tips on how to compose an update email

The fundamental objective of sending a reminder email is to keep the individual updated about the meeting status.  But, that does not mean you can include random information in your email. So, let’s get to how you can customize your email updates.

  • At first, incorporate the client or customer or appointee name. Address them Mr or Ms or Mrs and always put their complete name without any spelling mistakes. And, avoid using “Dear”, which sounds quite informal.

  • Write in an enthusiastic manner or incorporate sentences that align with what you are trying to say. Keep it short, yet simple and come directly to your objective of the meeting. Because nobody would like to go through long pointless paragraphs.

  • Every update should inform the recipient what the email is for, where the meeting is, when it will be held, who are the participants. You can also mention the point that you would like to discuss. Most importantly, highlight the date and time.

  • The tone of each reminder email should be cordial yet straightforward and direct. Ensure that the receiver or the recipient is able to comprehend what you want from them.

  • The final sentence should urge them to attend the meeting and ask them for feedback on whether they would be joining the meeting or if they want to postpone it.

You must also keep the reminder email professional and do not become too pushy. Keep a subject line that can keep the recipient hooked till the last of the email. Also, manage the time frame and keep track of cancellations.

How to choose the right kind of application for your organization?

With technological development at its peak, it isn't very wise to hire people and get everything done manually. Adopting applications not only saves expenses of hiring an extra hand but also streamlines and establishes an error-free meeting scheduling process. Opting for a suitable automated reminder application is extremely crucial. However, it is a little hard to choose the services among the innumerable applications available online.

Choosing the right kind of application that can sync with your business objective and goal is definitely a complex decision. You need to consider factors like -

  • Budget
  • Customers Type
  • Business strategies

A good appointment booking and reminding application like Appointo should let you do the following apart from automated reminders-

  • keep a buffer time between appointments and allow you to send all the confirmation emails from your domain.
  • It should also connect with Google and Outlook calendars without any hassle, and you can book two simultaneous events automatically.
  • Alongside, your team should not feel left out, so, go for an application that allows you to add your entire team.

With Appointo, you get to fulfil all your requirements. Further, it also comes with-

  • Multi-language support which gets automatically translated to the store language.
  • You also get the facility to generate automatic links for zoom calls. There is no hassle of adding links or managing them.
  • The system also supports POS as well as in-store, so you can make appointments, and the data will automatically sync across the platform.


The product is available for a 14-day free trial for you to use and explore. Thereafter, a marginal amount of $12/mo is charged for access to all amazing Appointo features.

Applications like Appointo with their automated reminder facility, guarantee to accelerate appointment sales and improve service quality. With features that allow customers to add the appointment to their calendar without any registration along with the multi-day booking, feature makes them your best partner in business success. Your goal should be to acquire more clients and keep hold of loyal customers. WIth Appointo, it is time to create a unique reminder for a more personalized experience that further helps to enhance your brand value. So, get going!

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