Doubling down on online class conversions with Appointo

Getting more people to sign up for your online classes can be very difficult. Appointo can be ideal for educators, students, and parents. Here's how!

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

With the repeated hits of pandemic waves, all the sectors of the global economy have witnessed a massive transformation. Education is no exception. Around 1.2 billion children in 186 countries have been academically affected due to the shutdown of schools. At present, the health crisis has convinced parents against sending their children to attend any learning format that requires them to be physically present.

This situation has raised a very critical question - Will the students be deprived of quality education?

- No!

There is nothing to fret about, the advancements in technologies have opened up an enormous opportunity for kids and teachers. The Internet has bridged the gap between learning and teaching through online classes. There has been a radical shift in the traditional education system within the past few years - from offline to online and the pandemic put the seal of compulsion on it.

Based on recent statistical data, from 2019 to 2020, about 51.8 percent of students enrolled in online courses. During the same period, about 4.6 million students have opted for online classes, and about 3 million students have enrolled in distance education courses. Since it’s indeed a sensible choice, and facts depict a trailblazing adoption amongst students, your online classes are up for a growth rush.

To ensure that you don't miss out on a tad bit of this industry-wide growth, high-end appointment booking applications like Appointo make your classes exponentially more visible and accessible.

The current generation is already next-level tech-savvy and loves to scroll through their smartphones rather than physical meetings. Leveraging on this, Appointo has brewed a perfect feature-loaded solution that allows you to double down on your online class conversions.  

Appointo-  your growth assistant!

One-on-one meetings are essential to keep up with the education system, and this is where virtual appointments are critical. An online learning center can establish trust and foster confidence through these meetings and this is considered to be the most crucial aspect for conversion. Based on a recent statistic, around 63% of high school students alone in the U.S. rely on e-learning tools daily.

But, every prospect requires proper planning and scope for customization. The application- Appointo assists with 24-hour scheduling along with auto-sync facilities, automatic time zone detection, and several other features to make the conversions seamless. The App makes it easier for you to reach students residing in any part of the world, all while saving time and accelerating the process of rendering quality service.

Now, let’s understand how Appointo is making a difference in everyday online learning class conversions:

Email reminders and Virtual meetups

This application comes with a facility to send automated email notifications and reminders to parents or students regarding appointment confirmations, cancellations, and alterations. Thus, any online teaching center doesn't just get to schedule a 1:1 meeting with prospective students but at Appointo, you also ensure that they don't miss attending the meeting. These reminders enhance the opportunities to convince parents/students about the services and build personal connections with them without having to travel. They help to build reliability and foster confidence in parents.

Customize the booking rules

While we know that you want to personally attend all your prospective candidates, every human or team has to have a stable bracket of working hours. Not setting that out can be daunting to you and your team and also create some frustrations or disappointments amongst the interested candidates. With Appointo, you can set a calendar that states the opening and closing hours for the learning center. They can use Appointo’s 24-hour booking system to book a time as per their preference from your working hour bracket. It also helps to set out if your team is working on a certain holiday as it's common for parents to delve into these tasks on their work holidays. Parents can quickly go through the rules and register for a time slot that ensures that both of you are wholly and completely there for the meeting with full concentration.

Group appointments

This feature allows multiple prospects to schedule a meeting in a single time slot using Appointo. So, if you think you need to show a glimpse of your service before they buy, this feature is for you. Group appointments allow you to conduct webinars, sample online classes, or workshops, with multiple interested candidates to discuss the class structure, patterns, and parameters. It saves a considerable amount of time, money and also makes the service quality easier to evaluate and decide.

Multiple language support

Students should be able to reach their requisite online teaching centers located in any part of the world. You would be surprised to know that about 65% of universities support distance learning and to cater to your global presence goal and their’s, Appointo supports 18 major languages to facilitate the seamless booking. These languages can be translated automatically, making it a seamless integration.

Online calendar and data sync across platforms

Appointo works along with Google and Outlook calendar, restricting the possibilities of overriding. You can easily schedule appointments with an entire team without the risk of overriding another important prospect call. Appointo grants the best booking experience which directly works on the conversion rate and ensures that you stay in sync with all the lined up prospect calls. Further, it comes with Zoom integration, auto data sync facilities and so much more to make the prospect call, a client call in the blink of an eye,  

Secured payment gateway

Appointo also grants secured payment gateway facilities and comes with Razorpay, Paystack, Stripe, and PayPal Integration. The conversion rate has doubled because learners gain psychological empowerment and are valued. With just a click on the button, payment can be made, and schedules can be booked. Further, it provides a cost-effective process for the learning centers to manage clients.

A Simplified Application - Appointo

Appointo, since its inception, has been making it easier for clients and customers to communicate directly and schedule appointments without any hassle. It has been helping prospective learners reach their target tutors, check their time slot and discuss their needs and availability without any physical movement.

With just a click and at their comfort, students can get in touch with you and you get an opportunity to convince them and seal the deal.

Sounds like a win-win.

It is more like a quick funnel for the modern client that works without spending many resources. All you need to do is choose a perfect package, sync it across the important platform, and voila! You are done.