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We bring to you the secrets to unclog your calendar and achieve more with your time.

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

A dedicated, honest, and efficient team is pivotal to any company’s growth and success. You build a great company only when you have built a great team. Talking about team building, we can try, but can't avoid recognizing the role a Hiring manager plays in curating it. An HM doesn't just fuel up the recruitment process but also helps in propagating a proper work culture. Another way round, they add human assets to the company and ensure their retention in the organization.

No manager, founder, or entrepreneur can ever deny the struggle of deciding whom to hire and whether the hiree would complement the position. To simply this hassle, a proficient hiring manager walks in and takes up the charge of building an efficient and stable team.

But, it isn't as easy as it sounds! What if we told you that every hiring manager faces some very common yet some very rigid challenges during recruitment. Based on the report provided by Glassdoor, about 76% of hiring managers admitted that attracting candidates for the right job has been their biggest challenge. If you are a hiring manager, we feel you!

The 7 most common challenges faced by Hiring Managers are:

  1. Going through a wave of applications to select the most appropriate candidate: Sourcing resumes from Job portals often involves a huge wave of time being wasted on candidates who are qualified but not interested. You and your team usually call all potential candidates to get the answer, “I am not interested” in most cases. Huge waste of time and effort! What if we could filter out candidates who are qualified and actually interested? Maybe we can.
  2. No shows at scheduled interviews: It's very common for candidates to initially agree to appear for the interview and ditch later. In most cases, they either change their mind or get occupied someplace else. Again, waste of time and effort!
  3. Scheduling and Rescheduling interviews:  Fixing a time that is fit for you and the candidate is another tough nut to crack. A series of back and forth emails and calls make the process cumbersome and redundant.
  4. Lack of adequate time and scope to go through all resumes: Screening candidates is a massively time taking task, eating up a major chunk of your team’s time. All the resumes have to be carefully studied and put through the filter of some primary and basic criteria. This process could be streamlined and sped up if we had all of these basic, primary data handy without going through the resume. Not possible? Let’s see!?
  5. Appearing for interviews without adequate documents: Another most prominent and disturbing challenge encountered by HRM is when candidates appear for interviews without the documents supporting their resume or without a handy copy of the resume at all. In most cases, this deeply disrupts the quality of assessment at the interview and could lead to rejection or rescheduling by team leads.
  6. Recent challenges faced by a hiring manager - Lack of branding: With the ongoing pandemic, these challenges become 2x if you lack in branding your company. The latest trend focuses on brands, and if job seeker finds a brand attractive, they are more drawn towards it. According to Corporate Responsibility Magazine, even if a person remains unemployed, 75% voted that if the recruiters don't have a prominent market reputation, they generally skip the job proposals.

To solve these pain points, conventional solutions are of little to no help. However, adopting an online appointment scheduling application like Appointo can resolve most of these issues and make hiring a seamless process. Wonder how? Let’s see!

What is Appointo?

Appointo is an online appointment scheduling platform that allows candidates to book a slot and schedule appointments for interviews at their convenience.  It syncs with your work calendar to avoid all overlaps and communication gaps, reminds candidates before interview time, captures basic candidate information before scheduling, and has a lot more features to solve a major chunk of your hiring problems.

1. Calendar Scheduling
The most generic struggle of hiring lies in syncing your time with the candidate's time and scheduling interviews successfully without overlapping them. With Appointo’s exclusive online booking solution you can now allow candidates to choose an interview slot as per their convenience yet limit their options to the available time slots only. With appointo, you can also interview multiple candidates at a time and adjust your interview schedule as per your working hours. The application allows you to block booking timings, days, and dates when you wish to stay unavailable.

So, say goodbye to the 100s of back and forth emails for scheduling, confirmation, rescheduling to finalize the interview and crack the candidate for your company.

2. Auto reminders
The next big challenge is to effectively execute an interview that has been scheduled. No-shows are a big loss of time for the company. It is already a big hustle dealing with a huge volume of applications and juggling through a bulky appointment list. But, fret no more. Appointo can help you shrug off one added stress from your shoulders. Once the interview is scheduled, Appointo’s automated reminders gently nudge candidates to be there at the scheduled time.

This feature works for both ends; sends a reminder notification to hiring managers and job applicants at a preset interval from the interview date or timing. This ensures there are minimum no-shows and candidates can at least cancel or reschedule the interview, thus saving you from wasting a time slot.

3. Workflow Management
Next, the most basic challenge of hiring is piling resumes of candidates who are qualified but are not interested in the opportunity. This forms a major chunk of the resumes brought in by your screening team. The next step usually is to get in touch with them and get no for an answer. What if you can create an opportunity for the eligible candidates to just click on an Appointo link and book for an interview if they are interested? You cut down the time wasted on making those calls, get only a few resumes but get only the ones that are qualified and actually interested. Saves time and optimizes your process. Sounds like a deal to me.

4. Simplify Screening & Shortlisting
Appointo can also bring down the struggle of screening a gazillion resumes to filter out the ones that fit into your company’s unique requirements. With Appointo, you can design a form that needs to be filled out before scheduling an interview. So, at your company, you can create the form to capture all the basic criteria that need to be met before a candidate becomes actually worth appearing for the interview. The screening team can now just go through the form responses and determine if the interview should actually be conducted, without reviewing the tons of resumes. Saves time, Speeds up the process, and makes your work life easier, agree?

5. Appointo Branding
With Appointo you can also have the appointment scheduling page have the branding for your company. You can also mention some information and display some achievements of your company to further convince the potential candidates that they are joining hands with a great brand of today and tomorrow.

Here’s a quick sneak peek into the app:

Appointo can help you reduce your recruitment struggle if that's the pressure stressing you out on weekends and holidays. This application works on the core problems like communication gap, difficulty in scheduling interviews, screening under pressure, lack of structural methods for evaluation, and lack of effective time management. Appointo targets teamwork, and thus a hiring manager can form his team for the recruitment process and then go on to build the best team for the company.

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