How to Stop Wasting Time and Get Organized

If you've ever wondered how to get more done in less time, this is going to be a good read!

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

We all get 24 hours a day, yet, a majority of us feel that there’s so much more to do. Going to bed with the feeling that so much of our work is still unfinished is daunting and disturbing. Procrastination and mismanagement of time are often the primary reasons for any business or individual to lag. While managing procrastination is a wholly different game, good time management is a skill that goes a long way. Further, since you do not have the power to stop time; instead, why not focus on managing every second of your calendar in the best way possible?

As Benjamin Franklin said, "Remember that time is money".

So, for any business to stand out of the box and reach its pinnacle of profit and growth, it requires an organized route and a well-managed schedule; each day, everyday, to keep the team in sync and have the right person at the right time. A systematic pathway put together with a good management work schedule goes a long way in taking your business to the next level.

The trick question is how? Time management isn't a child’s play. You need to make some changes with yourself, adopt some tools, stick to your resolutions, and more! Let’s start with 5 powerful time management tips that would encourage and enable you to work more and boost your productivity.

First things first, start by creating a roadmap.

  • Set up a goal

Every business should have an objective and a vision. You must be clear about the steps that you want to take in the future. This begins with setting up an everyday goal. Be specific and stay focused.

Suppose your business's current demand is to gain more clients. So, focus on how you can do that. Get the help of modern-day applications that can help you to maintain consistency. Picture a bigger goal and then break them down to an everyday objective.

  • Track your time

Only about 18% of people have a time management system in place. You might be good with managing the accounts and budget, but what about time? Do you find unfinished work stacking up, and you do not have adequate time to complete it? Then, it's time to maintain a time account.

Keep track of all your clients, manage the appointments and schedule them accordingly. Do not overestimate any task, and it is always better to spend time managing work than sitting with a desk loaded with files. A lot of modern applications could come to your rescue on this.

  • Understand the priority

You need to categorize the work into important, urgent, work that can be accomplished without any time restrictions, etc. This would help to minimize stress and think clearly. You will be able to balance life and spend as much time on the tasks as they need. 28% people agree that using the technique of “dealing with whatever comes up” barely ever keeps their work under control. Scheduling your tasks is officially the best solution for this.

You can, again, have some applications to help you make a priority based task list and remind you of the deadline to deliver on time without any fail.

  • Time allotment must be done carefully

Decide what matters the most or which projects are important right now. Ask yourself what would be the ideal time frame to finish a task and then allocate your day to the tasks accordingly. You need to adjust all the necessary tasks in your everyday schedule very carefully to ensure that you make the most of your day. Take help from applications to streamline the work and free up more time.

  • Just do it!

There are a lot of things that could keep you distracted, but you must go, get the job done first. This mindset would help in self-development and work as a great benefit for your business. Take out time for yourself. Do not take all the tasks under your hat, but make sure all your responsibilities are carefully identified and lined up so that, when the business propels, you feel satisfied. Also, start the day with something that makes you feel motivated.

How does an online appointment booking application help?

Running every business requires you and your client to come together for discussions, especially when running a personalized business that requires your clients to book an appointment to get the job done. If they call to book services or discuss the project progress your team goes through the list and schedules an appointment. Again, if the client cancels the appointment, they need to replace it, or there might be a struggle with allotting a different time on request. All these seem to be confusing, redundant, and error-prone.

Lately, there has been a loud buzz around keeping everything in sync and holding meetings seamlessly with online booking services and appointment scheduling applications. These applications, like Appointo, allow you to wisely invest in technology and use the tool to schedule your time without overlaps and have complete control over your day.

Appointo - the application that has made it easier for clients to schedule appointments, save time, and improve staff productivity. Want to know How? Scroll ahead.

What is Appointo?

Appointo is an application that entrepreneurs or business houses can set up on their site to manage time and client appointments seamlessly. It allows your clients to book a slot from your calendar from the available time slots, gives a reminder prior to the meeting, and keeps your work calendar in complete sync without any overlaps.

All you need to do is customize the time based on your working hours, and your clients can very easily book an available opening. This reduces human error, saves time and reduces the frequency of no-shows.

Why makes Appointo the best of all -


This Shopify based app for scheduling appointments is within your reach, flexible and can be linked to your e-commerce businesses of any size, nature or purpose.. Its primary aim is to accelerate sales and increase profit..

Time management

Appointo comes integrated with Calendly, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and a calendar application that helps to sync the booking with the calendar automatically. The app informs whether an event is booked completely and whether the service is at present unavailable. There are facilities for multi day booking, and you can integrate events, experiences or rentals.

Client Notification

You can carry on with your work, while Appointo will inform you of an upcoming meeting and follow-up with your clients through email reminders and notifications. It supports automated emails about confirmation, cancellation and feedback. This not only saves time but also keeps the schedule organized.

Customize Rules

You should not overwork and Appointo can take care of that. It helps you to set up advanced rules such as a maximum number of appointments for the day, no bookings on specific days, bookings over a specific part of day, etc.  You can also easily inform your client about the availability hours. Thus, all the manual work gets sorted and your work and life operate in sync and balance.

Additional features

  • Appointo comes with compatible themes, a workable dashboard, multi-language support, automated zoom integration for online meetings and sales service. Further, the application is available for booking anytime, anywhere making it a perfectly viable tool for customers even if your business has multiple locations.
  • It also allows automatic buffer time between appointments  And, the most important is that it helps to create custom questions during booking to capture client information and a customisable subscription booking facility.
  • You can also set up predefined appointments, such as a 20-minute or 60-minute session and even put in special deals and packages to confirm a booking.


The product is available for a 14-day free trial for you to use and explore. Thereafter, a marginal amount of $12/mo is charged for access to all amazing Appointo features.


We need to agree on this, a major chunk of our productivity and time management issues are sorted once we sort out our meeting scheduling process and calendar management system. The new generation is all about getting things done with your team and your clients, in sync, on time and towards a common goal. Meetings form an important part in achieving this seamless flow of effort and very often senior managers spend around 23 hours a week attending meetings.
Adopting Appointo makes the task of time management a much much simpler process while also establishing trust in favour of your brand as clients are made to feel empowered with the power of preference. So, It is time to keep away manual and repetitive tasks, eliminate redundancy, manage time and focus on your goals with Appointo.

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