6 Productivity Hacks for a Successful Side Hustle

Usually, much more than an extra source of income, side hustles are distinct dreams to build something great. Learn how to have a successful side hustle.

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

Side hustles are usually much more than a mere source of extra income. People with a side hustle are usually people with distinct dreams, perhaps people with undying passion. Even if you are having a high-paying job, financially and in every other way, side hustles can be a game-changer for your story.

Side hustles have become immensely popular because it doesn’t just get the ball rolling but also protects your financial stability on the go. So, starting a venture isn’t only a crazy risk-takers game anymore. Depending on your skills and strategies, the extra credit from the side hustles is creatively fulfilling, as well as financially rewarding.

Tarang Agarwal and I, were always curious to experiment with our skills and jumped in for a crazy ride with app development as a side hustle. We have developed two amazing applications that create value by solving genuine problem statements. Appointo, our self brewed appointment booking application accelerates the appointment process for businesses and has been able to generate a good deal of revenue.

Now, the question anchors: How?

It could be pretty exciting to aim and plan for a side hustle that subsequently expands to a successful venture. But, the whole thing could be a little trickier than you think. It can be a big change and also build the foundation for future investments. You can start with freelancing projects and then build your own eCommerce space. Every step mandatorily needs adequate planning and what we call, an indomitable spirit to aim for flawless execution. You need not quit your full-time job, but what is required - a systematic methodology and the zeal to proceed.

Things to Remember -

You might be struggling at this point and the side hustle could feel like a never-ending battle. But, always remind yourself that success and progress come bit by bit. You cannot expect your side business to grow into a full-blown business in a fortnight.

“We love building products. We knew we wanted to build something that helped people, but we weren’t sure what.”

So, while you step in, it's okay to speculate a little and be a little indecisive on a few things. But there isn't any scope for self-doubts. These are some of the questions that every other side hustler need to ask themselves such as:

●        Why do you need to opt for a side hustle?

●        Are you ready to take up extra work?

●        Will you be able to manage the workload and work quality at the same time?

●        Do you have enough finance to initiate a freelancing project?

Adopting developer tools and connecting with a collaborative partner community, helped us leap. It could work for you too, or it might not!

But, here are 6 super effective productivity hacks that can definitely take your side hustle to the next level. Adopting a blend of these, we could gracefully balance our work-life and enjoy freedom at the same time. Though there’s no secret formula to make it work in balance, these are a few things that could make your hustle feel less of a hustle, more like a fun ride.

1.  Make an organizer

An idea is not magic. You need to work on it and plan. When you are shuffling between your 9 to 5 job and side work, then you need to start with organizing your daily routine. Make a note based on priority and do not proceed out of temptation. Do not get puzzled, instead make a to-do list and keep the feedback pinned along with it.

Try out apps that can help you manage your project by implementing color codes. Further, always try to keep separate folders - one for your formal job and the other for the side hustle. This not only helps you to save time but also works according to the priority. Secret tip, nothing works better than a neatly scribbled handbook with a few strips of colored sticky notes here and there.

2. Money influences productivity and vice-versa

No smart hustler would want to quit a job until the side hustle makes enough money to be profitable so that it can take the shape of a full-form business. Money matters. We also weren't any different.

Starting with freelancing projects, they are usually charged based on the time spent to execute the task effectively and successfully. To know the time consumed more accurately you need to start tracking the time. Time-bound working based on the client budget helps you to work more efficiently and gets work done within some self-assigned deadlines. Hence, you get paid exactly for what you invest, or you invest exactly for what you are paid, nothing less, nothing more. Also, Do not avoid the time spent attending the calls to get a basic idea about the project or when you have to answer the emails to make any additional changes.

Remember, every effort matters and good service deserves good compensation. Every task you do, from managing to organizing the task to supplementing ideas on how to proceed, requires effort, and these should be priced. A satisfying payment will not only prove to be a reward but will also motivate and inspire to work more efficiently and sincerely.

3.           Create the right framework

We believe “It's about finding the right framework first and then coming up with an idea that fits in that environment”.

If you are convinced that you want to work on the decided side hustle, you must build a strong framework and a good reputation. Set up a procedure for getting things done, ensure accountability if you have teammates, basic but duly maintained documentation to ensure the client needs and expectations are given the due attention and respect they deserve. Even if it's one player or two-player game, it should have a system and structure, and shouldn't be all over the place. Also, a good portfolio is always the center of attraction for clients. Start personalizing the documents, such as creating a logo for your work, making a format for sending out emails, and making a consistent fee. You must also create standardized documents for the things that you repeat daily, such as sending emails to clients, invoices, project proposals, etc.

Remember, your sincerity, your seriousness translates to your client and no one is going to take you seriously unless you take your hustle seriously.

4.           Taking small breaks are important

We always advise setting some ground rules. If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, then you must take some time off to refresh your brain and equip it to work again. Too much work pressure not only brings mental fatigue but also leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. You might find yourself completely exhausted and that can hold back your will to perform or even affect the quality of work. So, self-care should be your priority, and make it a habit.

Well, all the successful businessmen while sharing their success stories, do mention that one should prioritize one's health before anything else. Never take extra burdens that you cannot accomplish or withstand. A little meditation or hanging out with friends can eliminate the stress and inspire you to be self-motivated.

5.           Ignoring emails can be bliss

If your mailbox is flooded with emails, then you do not need to attend to them immediately. Go slow on yourself, sort them based on importance and open the ones that require an immediate reply, do not double work.

You need to build patience while shuffling through double work. Let the mails wait in a queue, but do not lose them. Use Google Keep to take notes about when and what mails you should answer. Never go on a guilt trip to avoid emails because guilt has the power to overshadow your talent and creativity. So, you need to develop self-belief and trust your instincts as well as decision.

6.           Keep a check on the deadline

Every work should be a priority, but you can organize them based on a scale of 1 to 10. Thus, maintain a calendar so that you do not miss out on the deadline. Negative feedback can affect your progress in your side job. Try out color-coded schemes that not only look attractive but also help you point out your responsibilities and work harder.

Schedule meetings, keep a track of everything in one place, and avoid scheduling conflicts with Appointo. Further, you also need to keep a backup of your job so that even if you lose the main copy, you would have another one in case you are running late or overreach the deadline.

5 Side Hustles that are in demand in 2022

If you are excited to start your side hustle,  it doesn't mean you need to follow the exact same path as our most admired app developers. Other than developing applications, here are a few services that are very very popular amongst side hustlers:

●        You can start a food and grocery delivery business that can amplify your pay during this pandemic.

●        Start with ride-sharing, or you can rent your car and develop your monthly earnings.

●        Try freelancing projects like content writing or copywriting or online tutoring that can help you to enhance your skills and money at the same time.

●        Try out affiliate marketing, and it opens up the scope to earn more in less time.

●        Dropshipping business is another powerful side hustle idea that has gained positive feedback because it has bright prospects.

●        Try your hand on social media manager or create an online course that would develop into a small business within a short time.

Are You Ready for It?

“We went through trial and error with various apps and iterations”.

So? In order to get some extra bucks in your wallet or to do more with your skills, begin with a side hustle, without giving the excuse “I lack good ideas”. No huge investment, No state-of-the-art infrastructure, No qualified business idea, No specialized skill-set. All you need is to master the art of juggling things (your personal life, main job, side hustle) in the right space so that nothing falls apart. However, You need to go through a thorough introspection and find out why the side hustle is important for you or what you are expecting from your clients and vice versa. It’s okay to have your fair share of trials and tribulations. And, as soon as your business accelerates, you must not make an excuse to drop the plan. You can take inspiration from us and several other young founders but pave your own way. Remember every journey is unique.