3 Tips To Improve Sales Consultancy And Services

Learn how to transition from a product-giving business to a solution-providing entity.

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

Over the years, we have seen many transitions a sales team has surpassed. In the earlier times, sales did not have the words strategy, psychology, or even teams. They were expected to connect with their clients over flyers or house calls if it is a B2C product. However, in B2B products or services, cold calling and connecting with the right people mattered the most. As times grew and businesses grew, we started to see the difference in the responsibilities and profile between people selling their business and marketing for their business. The digital age has been able to connect with potential customers through various ways of marketing i.e., by e-mail marketing, SEO marketing, and the best and the most fruitful, social media marketing.

Coming back to sales, a sale is completed when a product or service has been bought by your client. There is no single strategy that can increase the sales of a business. Sales is usually a skill that is acquired by studying 2 things i.e., 1. Target audience, 2. Timing. Any sales pitch, however thorough and to the point it is, any business will require to target their audience, who actually needs the product or service. Timing is when you understand how and when your customer will require the product or service you are selling. These are of course not the only aspects, there is research, building KPIs, buyer personas, etc.

An excellent combination of the same has been developed by new businesses in order to hit the right spot with their clients. It is called a sales service. What is that? A sales team will guide and serve your potential clients to solutions that can be found in your product or service. Since it has been adopted by many businesses, how can you improve the same? Let's find out here -

  1. Solution providing skills:

The sales team needs to be equipped and trained enough to understand their client's needs. This also involves for them to understand their own product thoroughly. In a sales service, the sales teams shall contact their potential client, whom they have listed as a buyer who might benefit from their product or service. For eg: A sales team sells web-based business tools and helps them integrate the same according to the business requirements. Now, the sales team instead of talking about their features will talk about the problems that their client might be facing in their business. Let us assume the client is a logistics company who needs to manage their drivers' log sheets in order to calculate the number of trips their drivers have completed. During the conversation with the client, the sales team might detect the client's problems to be "managing their drivers' trips." in this scenario, the sales team will come up with a strategy using one of the tools they are offering to solve the management of their driver's trips. The client might ask to initiate the process of understanding or maybe even buying the product. This is how a sales service can be initiated. However, to have a successful sales service one needs to -

  1. Have an informed sales team regarding all the products or services your business offers.
  2. Have information regarding the industry or the potential clients they will be communicating with.
  3. To have enough skills to provide answers to the client's questions.
  4. Have some power and acumen to make quick decisions.

The above stated skills, training and management should be provided to the sales team in order to provide a sales service to your clients.

2. Streamline bookings:

There are times, when these sales services might not only occur digitally or telephonically. Sometimes, your sales teams will be required to visit the facility to understand your client's needs. If these teams are always on the field, their calendars will be the most volatile of all. It is imperative that your field sales team should have a versatile calendar. In order to achieve that, you might have to invest in a good appointment booking software. For eg.: since your field salesmen are working on an appointment basis with your clients, they might also face last minute cancellations, no-shows, re-scheduling, etc. When such an event occurs, your salesmen are busy re-scheduling calendars and managing their day through phone-calls. This activity is tedious, time-consuming and unproductive. Therefore, if there is an appointment booking software available, their schedules can be re-scheduled and managed via such software, so that they avoid unnecessary phone calls and un-productivity. Appointo provides this service without any hassles. It lets you re-schedule and cancel easily. It also integrates with Microsoft, Google and Calendly calendars. It is an easy-to-use software which does not require a lot of training for your sales team to understand.

3. Continuous training:

Your sales team should undergo strenuous training at regular intervals of time. Your sales team is usually the face of your business, and if your sales staff is confident, knowledgeable and easy to talk to, it will go a long way with your clients. An important section to improve the sales service shall be to provide continuous training. Your sales team should be kept abreast of the services you can and cannot perform, the products expired or newly introduced, the industry of your clients, and the basic pain points of your clients. These factors are variable in nature and always keep on changing. Therefore, it is required that your salesmen undergo a training regime and a follow-up regime for any of your salesmen to learn and provide feedback on the same.

A sales service or a sales consultancy is an excellent way for your clients to learn about your product or service and for them to place themselves around it. Nothing sells better than experience.

Let us know what you think about this newly found sales tactic!

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