6 ways to customize customer appointments

Cut your losses and increase footfall by customizing your customer’s appointment scheduling! Learn how

Mukul Chaware
Mukul Chaware

They say that service businesses not only sell services but also appointments! Imagine you are managing a salon or a doctor's clinic or a hospital, and one of the surest ways to provide a customer a before sales service is to make their process of booking an appointment easier. Service industries are all about people, therefore, these businesses can rely on a concept called before-sales service. A before sales service can be anything that attracts your clients to your store or website, for eg: having an easy way to book appointments. Service industries not only sell their product but experience and convenience. Especially in the case of luxury business services. For eg. A high-end restaurant, a hotel, a nail salon, or even a tattoo salon. In a luxury service business is imperative that we provide extra incentives for your customers to commit to your product.

There are many incentives that a service industry can provide to its clients before and during a sale. Simple gestures go a long way. For eg. If there is a key account manager provided to every client who can guide the client through any hiccups they may have during the service, or having a sophisticated and easy-to-use appointment booking mechanism that can be managed by your client's phone. There are several excellent ways even to customize your client's calendar bookings. Software-based appointment booking system has made a lot of businesses' lives easier, but now, how can we make the customers' lives a little easier.

There are various ways to customize customer appointments, let's have a look!

1. Group appointments: This feature can greatly benefit your customers, especially if you are from an entertainment or a beauty service business. For eg.: if you run a salon and if a group of bridesmaids is looking to throw a bridal shower for their bride in their favorite salon, this feature will work amazingly well with the customers. Your customers can book their appointment for several people at once for various services in your salon. A feature just like this can be found on Appointo, which lets you book for several people at once. Gone are the days where your customers had to book single appointments and then link the same with others if they wish to come in a group.

2. Single/multi-day booking: another feature that your customers can benefit from is allowing your customers to plan not only their day but also their month! Initially, your customers could book a single booking with the help of an automated appointment booking software, but you can also provide multiple bookings! For eg.: you have a business that requires regular visits, like a cosmetologist. Now, this business usually requires clients to make multiple visits in a month or perhaps a year. If your client is looking to get a laser service done for removal of hair, they will be asked to visit your clinic multiple times. In this scenario your customers shall be free to book an appointment with you for all their sittings st one go. In this way they do not have to wait for your next availability or forget their appointment altogether.

3. Calendar syncing: this feature will change your clients lives. If your automated appointment booking software allows to sync their calendar while making an appointment for any of your services, your ratio of no-shows will go down drastically. Now, if your customers are commuting, or are booking an appointment with you on an impulse, checking their own calendar for their availability might not be difficult. However, if your booking software can be synced with your customer’s Google or Microsoft calendar, your customers can check their availability and pencil you in accordingly. This is avoid forgetfulness and no-shows to a large extent. Appointo allows their customers to sync their Google, Microsoft and Calendly calendars with their appointment booking software.

4. Customisation: You can let your customers choose from multiple choices and options. Now, your booking software gives you an option to customise your booking page from the existing one made by the software. This can help your customers in various manners. For eg.; if you have a salon business, and if your looking to be services from a particular person, your booking software allows your customers to choose their favourite. This feature also lets you collect information about your client which is imperative for you to serve your clients better. For eg.: if you are a doctor, then their age and last visits will matter. If you are running a tattoo parlour, you need to understand if they are facing any skin abnormalities, that your artists should be aware of.

5. Re-scheduling and notifications: an automated appointment software may also allow your client to re easily-schedule their trips whenever they wish you. In this manner, you can avoid no-shows. You can also cap your timings to accept bookings and re-scheduling. For eg.: if you are in a business which requires 15 to set up for a client, you can disallow your client to re-schedule at the last minute. This feature will let you cut back on your losses, since your client might be motivated to re-schedule much earlier and thus, saving your operational costs. This comes with an additional feature to notify you via your e-mail whenever you make a booking, cancel or re-schedule it.

6. Feedback and review: All business owners and managers are well aware of the challenges of getting a feedback and a review from their customers. An easier way to get feedback or a review is to let your customers get a notification from their appointment booking software itself. It can immediately ask for their feedback once their service is complete. Since this software will already be aware whether you have booked, re-scheduled their booking, they can easily collect feedback on the same platform.

Now, you can make your customers' lives easier than before. Appointo has known to have these features and more. Let us know how you make your customers’ lives easier.

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